This is the MediBloc team.

MediBloc has recently expanded the simple claims service based on MediPass, its medical data blockchain platform, to include patients of Yonsei University Gangnam Severance Hospital! In March of this year, MediBloc successfully completed the linkage between Medipass and the hospital, so now if visitors to Gangnam Severance Hospital can easily and conveniently retrieve their medical history data and make insurance claims.

Gangnam Severance Hospital, which opened in 1983, is one of South Korea’s most representative general hospitals and currently operates 824 beds. It has the best medical service environment for the safety of its…

Coming soon : Panacea Validator

Greetings from the MediBloc team!

Panacea is our high-performing blockchain optimized to protect privacy and ensure the reliability of healthcare data. MediBloc has been operating all Panacea nodes to verify its stability, and so, we would like to open a validator and build the ultimate decentralized trust system. Additionally, MediBloc will burn all of the MED coins that have been received as rewards for operating Panacea nodes.

Why a Validator?

One of MediBloc’s goals has long been to make a patient-centered healthcare ecosystem. Patients should have total control over their medical data and be able to share it easily and safely with whomever…

Hello! This is the MediBloc team.

It has already been four years since MediBloc was founded on April 26, 2017, with the dream of building a patient-centered medical information platform.

Thank you so much for believing in our vision and values all along. To remember what we have achieved together, let’s look back at the steps MediBloc has made and then look forward to the future yet to come.

MediBloc’s original goal was to complete the integrated healthcare platform and provide solutions at each point of contact for healthcare services, including providing new experiences.

We have since secured partnerships with…

On April 14, MediBloc finalized the linkage between Medipass(our medical data blockchain platform) and Seoul Medical Center. By expanding our simple claims service to the patients of Seoul Medical Center, they also can now enjoy the benefits of Medipass, including easily retrieving their medical history data and making insurance claims much more conveniently.

Seoul Medical Center has built a 623-bed hospital to extend the reach and effectiveness of its medical staff, facilities, and equipment, as well as to develop South Korea’s first integrated nursing care service. During the coronavirus pandemic, Seoul Medical Center has been designated as a specialized hospital…

MediBloc has expanded its simple insurance claims service to KB Insurance customers via Medipass, the medical data blockchain platform. Anyone who holds an insurance policy with KB Insurance will soon be able to make insurance claims easily after visiting any hospital affiliated with MediBloc. Samsung Fire & Marine Insurance, Shinhan Life Insurance, Hyundai Marine & Insurance, and KB Insurance have been successful in linked with Medipass, securing more than 50% market coverage based on medical expanse insurance in Korea.

KB Insurance is a representative insurance of the Republic of Korea and has been helping customers for 62 years. In fact…

MediBloc will soon launch South Korea’s first Vaccine Pass service. This service will confirm each user’s vaccination history via Medipass, the personal medical information platform, and will employ blockchain-based decentralized identifiers (DID), an innovative form of digital ID.

Given the scope of world travel these days and the dire problems posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for proof of a traveler’s vaccination history is key to rebuilding our global community. Such proof will play a vital role in establishing a collective immune system while helping restore regular overseas travel and economic revitalization. …

Greetings from the MediBloc team!

Here’s a guide for the MediBloc token swap, which has recently been resumed. We have gathered various inquiries from community members and put together some answers. For everyone still needing to swap tokens, please review the swap process according to the guide below.

Before applying for the token swap:

1.First, check if you’re the target for the token swap. Those who held a MediBloc token before at least January 9, 2020, are eligible. …

Greetings from

the MediBloc team!

We have received continuous requests from holders who failed to proceed with the token swap within the target period which ended in Jan 2020, and so we have decided to support the swap for them indefinitely. While MED coins that have not been swapped have been already burned, for holders who have yet to swap their coins, the MediBloc team will still permit doing so by buying swap volume directly from the market. As always, we’d like to thank all of our holders for their ongoing support. …

Hello! This is the MediBloc team.

On February 18 2021, MediBloc launched the MarkIt Project, which is the result of a joint study with Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH).

MediBloc-KT-Gates Foundation Launches the SHINE App!

MediBloc and KT, with support from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, have launched Study of Health Information for Next Epidemic, a new app also simply known as SHINE.

SHINE provides users with information about the current status of infectious diseases and also helps identify infections by assessing conditions such as fever, headache, and cough. All app data is safely stored through the use of MediBloc’s Panacea blockchain. With their assent, users can contribute their data to research projects addressing the spread of infectious diseases.

In May 2020, MediBloc teamed up with KT and…


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