[ANN] Result of Bounty Extension Raffle

The result of bounty extension event random raffle drawing for 2nd Pre-Sale Participants

In response of your interests and participations towards 2nd Pre-Sale, there were lots of tickets for Random raffle drawing. MediBloc is announcing the result of bounty extension event random raffle drawing.

The result of Lucky Numbers

MediBloc randomly picked 16 participants LIVE on Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/medibloc/videos/2014639492150276/), in order to promote a transparent and fair selection. 1 raffle ticket per 1QTUM contributed to the event. The lottery numbers are given in order of participation in the 2nd pre-sale, and the numbers according to the QTUM addresses can be found on the link below.

*List of Participated Wallet Address : https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Wfjp1bIV_0t0yI-dzGpUlMNTrROqF-gvVvj1lclTaxU/edit#gid=0

If you want to check the process of raffle event, please check our LIVE on Facebook(https://www.facebook.com/medibloc/videos/2014639492150276/). The Prize will be automatically transferred to the QTUM address of the winner.

Again, congratulations to the winners of the event, and we look forward to your continues interest in the upcoming token sale.

MediBloc will be launching the Main-Sale on today from Nov 27, 2017 13:00(UTC+9) to Dec 15, 2017 24:00(UTC+9). There will be no minimum contribution threshold on the Main-Sale. Please come and CONTRIBUTE!

If you have any questions regarding the Main-Sale, please contact us through the following channels. The MediBloc team will strive to do our utmost to make progress and stand by our roadmap.

👉🏻MediBloc Official Website: https://medibloc.org




Personal Healthcare Information Ecosystem, built on blockchain

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Personal Healthcare Information Ecosystem, built on blockchain

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